4 Must-Have Work Pieces

These flawless pieces will get you through any work interview, event, lunch, or meeting. Since these are workhorse pieces, it’s worth splurging a little for quantity.

1. Black Ankle Pants


These are my favorite article of clothing in existence (beside my black skinny jeans). Black ankle pants are chic, slimming, and can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn mine with flats and heels, jackets and sweaters, tanks and turtlenecks. I’ve worn them to work and on dates. For starters, I found my first pair at my local Salvation Army, then moved to Gap, and now Ann Taylor (which are the best). You can have the leg be more tapered (skinny) or less tapered (cropped). Either way, make sure they are flattering and comfortable.

2. Pointed Toe Shoes

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Like the pants, these are probably my favorite pair of shoes in existence. I love heels, and these ones are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. The D’Orsay style (that inner cut-out) is chic and adds a little something to a classic pointed toe. The flats are a nice alternative if you live in a metropolitan area, like New York City. Pointed toe shoes go fabulously with all sorts of outfits and will always be work appropriate. Make sure you have a little toe cleavage as that keeps the shoe (and your foot!) looking more youthful than matronly.

3. Fitted Blazer/Tuxedo Jacket


A fitted blazer or tuxedo jacket is an absolute must. These automatically dress up any pant (jeans included), skirt, or dress and is incredibly flattering. The fitted structure highlights your waist and adds a level of class to any outfit. I found my fitted tuxedo jacket at Target about six years ago and it’s held up wonderfully, but it’s worth finding a higher quality option as it can be in your closet for years.

4. Black Structured Tote


When work involves travel, it’s hard to have a bag that’s both functional and stylish. Slouchy totes are cute, but everything falls to the bottom. A structured tote is a perfect option as it’s size still holds everything, but the flat bottom allows it to stand upright on any surface and the square or rectangle shape keeps papers in order. After going through a million cheaper options where the handles broke and the lining ripped, I received a top-of-the-line Dooney & Bourke tote as a present. It’s on the expensive side, but I know I’ll never need another bag. It’s long shoulder handles make it the perfect length while the size holds my computer and all my little day to day items. It’s a timeless style and goes with everything, and tying a small silky scarf to the handle will ad a pop of color. I recommend this bag for every professional, no matter your age.

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