The Must-Have Eyeliner of Your Life

Guys…. I found it.

The perfect eyeliner.

Does not rub off during the day, black as ebony, and liquid. And perfect.

Okay, so maybe the tip’s a little thicker than I would like. And maybe it *does* help to outline with an older eyeliner with a thinner tip. But filling in with Maybelline’s Stiletto liquid eyeliner is super easy and it lasts. It lasts all day. Through work, gym sweat, and a sunny, humid 96 °F day.

I have been searching since I was about 15 for a liquid liner that would last throughout my busy days (sometimes my days would go 6am-2am with school and three different jobs). I’ve tried L’Oreal, Cover Girl, other Maybelline lines. Revlon, MAC, and Bobbi Brown. But on a whim I bought this and it’s worth every cent and I want everyone to know how awesome it is so it never gets discontinued. It goes on smooth, fills in evenly, is pitch black but not overwhelming, and it will stay on all day.

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