Top 6 Nail Polish Colors for Summer

This summer is full of awesome color trends, be they light or bright. Spruce up your style with a simple accessory: nail color.

  1. Gold


Game of Chromes by Sally Hansen                               Creme Brulee by Revlon

Gold works for every season, day or night, dressy or casual. It’s probably my favorite nail color of all time. I’m not a huge nail polish person and typically don’t like to draw attention to my toes. Gold is perfect for being hardly there at first glance but adding a little something extra if you also don’t want them plain.

The Revlon creme Brulee lasts a long time and is a true shimmery gold. The Sally Hanson Game of Chromes lasts forever (seriously – countless heels, sandals, gym shoes, going to the gym, commuting, etc. and it stays on) and, in certain light, looks more silver than gold.

2. Blush

                               essie liebt sanfte nude farben mit rosé Stich im sich ankündigen Herbst - dazu passend unseren Shade of the Month ballet slippers! Mehr von uns findet ihr auf:

Let Me Bayou a Drink by OPI                                         Ballet Slippers by ESSIE

Blush is the biggest color of the season. Like the gold, it’s hardly there but still adds a little color without being overt. I love blush as it’s soft, offers a touch of sweetness, and transitions between my various outfits.

The OPI Let Me Bayou a Drink is definitely on the paler side of pale pink, but is still pretty perfect. ESSIE’s Ballet Slippers is (I think) the perfect blush. The pink is pale and very soft, but you still know it’s pink.

3. Blue

OPI Sailing & Nailing 1:                            Nothing makes us happier than a sugar sweet atlantic blue 'saltwater happy' mani.:

Sailing and Nailing by OPI                                              Saltwater Happy by ESSIE

The blue’s on trend for summer are a ton of fun: pale sky blue and periwinkle. Both of these hues are beyond cute and look good with everything.

Sailing and Nailing by OPI is a soft shade that lends a freshness to any outfit, without seeming old (like an Easter pastel made cool). I’m loving the periwinkle (Saltwater Happy) the best. The undertones of purple create an extra dimension and go well with every skin tone and nail, manicured or not.

4. Coral

                                   Peach Side Babe Essie Summer 2015 for review of entire collection:

Jolly Good by butter London                                         Peach Side Babe by ESSIE

Coral is flawless any season and any decade. There are varying shades of coral, but the medium and the lighter versions are on trend for this summer.

butter London has a fabulous version well worth every cent. The coral is rich and lasts forever. ESSIE’s Peach Side Babe is a nicer, lighter version with undertones that are more pink than orange.

5. Berry

You can't go wrong with this bright ruby berry -- 'berried treasures' from the essie Summer 2016 collection.                                     
Berried Treasures by ESSIE                                             Don’t Provoke the Plum by OPI

Berry is a classic color with a myriad of hues. It’s timeless, working well throughout the seasons. Plus, because of the different options (purples, pinks, AND reds), you’ll never get bored.

For a pinker berry, Berried Treasure by ESSIE is a good go-to. It’s deep but still bright, bringing a more sophisticated pop to a summer outfit. On the flip side, OPI’s Don’t Provoke the Plum is a fantastic spin on a purple berry hue. The brightness makes it a classic summer go-to while the purple shade is one of a kind.

6. Green

                                   Chanel Le Vernis #536 Emeraude / Chanel Dans La Lumiere de L’Ete Summer 2016 Makeup ***:
Keppel by Jin Soon                                                           Emeraude by Chanel

I love green, but despite being considered a neutral color, finding the right hue is always hit-and-miss. The summer top picks this year range from seafoam green to deep emeralds. Which means there’s something for everyone!

Jin Soon’s Keppel is the perfect step-up from last year’s mint green trend. The seafoam green is fun and flirty and pairs well with any personality type. The Emeraude from Chanel is green perfection. The slight shimmer fits in perfectly with modern times while the deep hue keeps it classic.

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