4 Easy Publicity Hacks

Marketing is fraught with nuance and luck, but there are some things you can do that will always work. Here are four easy tricks to help you get started.

1. Affiliate Marketing

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I have no doubt you’ve heard, or at least seen, this one without realizing it. When you see two people, brands, or companies paired together doing joint promotion, this is called affiliate marketing. This guy is kind of the one that’s obvious after the fact, and it really is super awesome.

The point of affiliate marketing is to increase your audience. But there’s a trick: pair with someone in your industry with a slightly different market that overlaps yours, preferably with a bigger fan base. By doing so, not only will you reach a different audience than the one you have but you will also make great connections and learn a lot from someone higher than you.

Even before you start implementing your idea, it’s important to reach out to people in your industry, no matter how big or small. Maintaining those connections helps build friendships, learning opportunities, and marketing ideas.

2. Seeding

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A little thing no one really knows about is how, exactly, do random videos and images end up on big influencers’ pages? Seeding.

The point of seeding is to expand your outreach. Seeding is the art of giving your content to an opinion leader or influencer to have them essentially promote your work. While the format is a little labor intensive (research, summary, etc.), the effects can be well worth it. The trick: don’t aim too high. If you run a website with funny comedy sketches, by all means try seeding them to large influencers like BuzzFeed and Comedy Central. But don’t underestimate the little guy; slowly building your following is better than not building your following. The bigger your audience, the more likely bigger influencers will look at your content.

3. Backlinks

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These have very hidden importance. You may have wondered how on earth to get on the first page of Google. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key, backlinks are the way to get closer.

The point of backlinks is to increase your SEO. By inputting the link of another site onto yours, the magical internet algorithms automatically link your two sites together. When people search for the site you backlinked to, they will have greater ease in seeing your site. The trick: do not often backlink to mega big sites. Because the internet algorithms are magical but still technical, they will read that as you trying to work the system. And because the algorithms really do look out for the little guy, if they feel you are cheating the system they will do way more harm than good and you will never show up in anyone’s feed.

Backlinking is easy: if you have an image, link the image to the site it came from. If you mention a product, link to other sites on how to use said product.



Reposts have more power than you realize, especially on Facebook. This habit can lead to overwhelming your fans, so choose wisely.

That being said, there’s a couple tricks to keep in mind: when you repost something, you’re taking someone else’s content and sharing it to your audience. But did you know Facebook algorithms work off a point system? When you repost something from a page with a larger audience, you gain more of these points. The higher points you earn, the more likely you’ll be put in other people’s feeds, which will increases your audience views.

Reposts are fantastic for organically reaching new people. But people have a habit of reposting things they enjoy without giving thought to what their audience likes. Try to think of your target audience and what they want to see, narrowing down from what you usually post. If you have an audience that loves Nicholas Sparks but you love cat videos, try to follow different pages that would appeal to Nicholas Sparks fans so you have more content for this publicity hack. It’s best to only post once a day for Facebook if you have under 10,000 fans.

5 Foolproof Interview Outfits

Today’s work environment tends to be casual dress, but you never want to go for an interview dressed as such. First impressions really do make a difference, so put your best foot forward and treat your interview like it’s with the CEO of McCann Advertising. Remember to look at your local thrift store, goodwill, or Marshall’s as brands tend to be high but the prices low.

1. The Go-To


You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black pants, white shirt, cute blazer, and pointed toe heels. If you opt for trouser pants instead of ankle pants, make sure the leg almost hits the floor and has a break where the ankle is. It’s important you look polished and professional, so pay attention to accessories like your bag and shoes.

2. The Classic


Nothing says professional more than an elegant black pencil skirt and pointed toe shoes. Make absolutely sure the skirt hits your knees or longer. While this is a professional length, it’s also incredibly flattering on every body type. Because pencil skirts are fitted, pair with a loose, more conservative top to balance it out. As with any outfit, make sure your accessories compliment the outfit, not distract from it.

3. The Simple Chic


A sheath dress, especially in a dark neutral like black or navy, is universally flattering and professional. The clean lines pair nicely with a fun blazer or a cardigan while the knee-length and high neckline keep it professional.

4. The Girly Chic


It’s hard to go wrong with a cute midi skirt. The length is professional while the flounce and pattern or color add some character. These pair nicely with fitted sweaters, blouses, and button downs. Be sure to keep your shoes closed-toe and the top conservative for an interview.

5. The Tomboy Chic


This is a perfect interview outfit for staying true to your tomboy side. Experiment with flat shoes and blazers for a masculine chic look. If you like the look and want a little more flair, have fun with accessories.