3 Basic Summer Work Outfits

  1. 1. The Shift

This is outfit is beyond perfect – a shift dress is loose, so it allows the body to breathe in those awfully hot summer months. Complete the outfit with a statement shoe, piece of jewelry, or cute bag and you’ll be good to go.


2. The A-Line Skirt

A-lines are virtually flattering on everyone. They hit the smallest part of the leg (above the knee) and tend to be a bit high-waisted, which it’s the smallest part of the leg. Plus, the flow of the line allows room for any wider hips. Pair an a-line with a more fitted blouse and add a pop of color.


3. The Loose Tank

This is guaranteed to be a go-to, no matter the season. Straight legged jeans are comfortable, flattering, and can be dressed up or down. If they’re not already a part of closet, start now. Given the slimmer fit through the hips and thighs, these jeans go perfect with a loose blouse. Wear with cute shoes (close-toed for work!) and some statement accessories.


5 Questions to Ask in an Interview

Interviews are nervous-making and can be stressful. Are you wearing the right outfit? Are you being friendly and professional? Is the person interviewing you not warm? You probably need the job you’re interviewing for, which adds a layer of financial stress. But while they’re interviewing you to see if you’re a good fit for the company, you are also interviewing them to see if they’re a good fit for you. Here are five important questions to ask at the end of the interview.

1. What qualities do you look for in an employee?

This is a fantastic way to have the employer state exactly what they’re looking for. They may also mention something about the position they didn’t cover beforehand.


2. What have you enjoyed most about working here?

This allows you and the interviewer to connect on a more personal level while also providing insight on how satisfied people are with their jobs. If the interviewer finds it difficult to come up with an answer, it’s a warning sign.


3. Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?

I love this question as it’s straight-forward and brings any issues to the forefront of the conversation. It’s important to remain open to what may be an issue as it can be constructive criticism, rather than becoming defensive.


4. Can you tell me about who I’ll be working with?

A question like this assumes you’ll receive the job, which subconsciously helps the interviewer see you in the position. Plus, it’ll tell you who you’ll be working with on a day-to-day basis.


5. Why is this position open?

Possibly one of the most important questions, this will provide insight on whether the person before you moved up in the company, was fired, or quit. This information is important for how you see your future in this position.


4 Must-Have Work Pieces

These flawless pieces will get you through any work interview, event, lunch, or meeting. Since these are workhorse pieces, it’s worth splurging a little for quantity.

1. Black Ankle Pants


These are my favorite article of clothing in existence (beside my black skinny jeans). Black ankle pants are chic, slimming, and can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn mine with flats and heels, jackets and sweaters, tanks and turtlenecks. I’ve worn them to work and on dates. For starters, I found my first pair at my local Salvation Army, then moved to Gap, and now Ann Taylor (which are the best). You can have the leg be more tapered (skinny) or less tapered (cropped). Either way, make sure they are flattering and comfortable.

2. Pointed Toe Shoes

2670244-5-MULTIVIEW     342100_001_ss_01

Like the pants, these are probably my favorite pair of shoes in existence. I love heels, and these ones are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. The D’Orsay style (that inner cut-out) is chic and adds a little something to a classic pointed toe. The flats are a nice alternative if you live in a metropolitan area, like New York City. Pointed toe shoes go fabulously with all sorts of outfits and will always be work appropriate. Make sure you have a little toe cleavage as that keeps the shoe (and your foot!) looking more youthful than matronly.

3. Fitted Blazer/Tuxedo Jacket


A fitted blazer or tuxedo jacket is an absolute must. These automatically dress up any pant (jeans included), skirt, or dress and is incredibly flattering. The fitted structure highlights your waist and adds a level of class to any outfit. I found my fitted tuxedo jacket at Target about six years ago and it’s held up wonderfully, but it’s worth finding a higher quality option as it can be in your closet for years.

4. Black Structured Tote


When work involves travel, it’s hard to have a bag that’s both functional and stylish. Slouchy totes are cute, but everything falls to the bottom. A structured tote is a perfect option as it’s size still holds everything, but the flat bottom allows it to stand upright on any surface and the square or rectangle shape keeps papers in order. After going through a million cheaper options where the handles broke and the lining ripped, I received a top-of-the-line Dooney & Bourke tote as a present. It’s on the expensive side, but I know I’ll never need another bag. It’s long shoulder handles make it the perfect length while the size holds my computer and all my little day to day items. It’s a timeless style and goes with everything, and tying a small silky scarf to the handle will ad a pop of color. I recommend this bag for every professional, no matter your age.

6 Makeup Must-Haves

Makeup is one of those things where, done correctly, it highlights your features. But done incorrectly, it’s tacky or looks plastic. It’s also difficult to know how much is too much for daytime or nighttime, and how to seamlessly flip between the two looks. Here are my go-tos for an all-natural, polished look that can be used for work and updated for Happy Hour.

1. Corrector


So I actually had no idea what corrector was until a couple months ago. You know those dark circles under your eyes that never seem to disappear with concealer or foundation? Well, adding corrector beforehand creates a layer for your concealer or foundation to sit upon, rather than having it soak into your skin. This little guy is a complete miracle worker and worth every penny. Plus, it lasts forever (okay, a very long time).

2. Light Foundation or Concealer

s1288448-main-hero _6282993.jpg

I’m really not a fan of too much makeup, but I must say my new light foundation from Bobbi Brown is incredible. It smooths everything out and I don’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup. Be sure to moisturize your skin and use a makeup sponge for seamless application. Concealer is great for spots, the indents where your nostrils meet your cheeks, and under your eyes (don’t forget corrector!).  I’ve found Laura Mercier’s concealer to be amazing, though I’ll admit to mainly using foundation.

3. Mascara


This might be my favorite makeup tool. As a fair skinned blonde, I tend to look washed out. So mascara is kind of necessary. But THIS mascara works wonders. It gives natural but full length and volume to lashes without looking fake. It lasts all day (even through tears) and comes off easily in the shower. One coat is perfect for day while three makes a perfect nighttime statement.

4. Powder


Kind of a no-brainer, powder helps set everything you just put on your face. Packed powder is great for travel, but loose powder gives a few more options. Be sure to get translucent powder so your skins doesn’t look cakey. I’ve found Laura Mercier to have the best loose powder, but I haven’t found a best packed powder yet.


* Dip a dry, never been used mascara wand (you can find these at your local drugstore) into loose powder. Coat your lashes. Apply your regular mascara on top for fuller lashes!

* After applying lip color, take your fingers and put some loose powder on them. Press into your lips to set the lip color. This will make the color last for hours without coming off – I dare you to drink from a glass or kiss someone just to see the magic.

5. Eyeliner

I cannot seem to find an eyeliner that doesn’t rub off and lasts all day. But this is a staple for anyone looking to widen their eye. A small flip at the outer corner subtly opens your eye for daytime, but you can easily thicken and lengthen for nighttime. Plus, if you add some eyeliner to your bottom lid (I go above my lashes – be sure to soften with a Q-Tip!) and on your top lid below your lashes (only about 3/4 of the way in), you’re eye will be just framed enough to pop without boxing it in.

6. Eyelid Primer


They make primer for your skin, but I personally haven’t tried them. I do, however, love this shadow/eyelid primer from Too Faced. It smooths the skin around your eyes and is perfect for keeping eyeshadow from creasing. I use it to ensure my eyeliner stays on point.

5 Foolproof Interview Outfits

Today’s work environment tends to be casual dress, but you never want to go for an interview dressed as such. First impressions really do make a difference, so put your best foot forward and treat your interview like it’s with the CEO of McCann Advertising. Remember to look at your local thrift store, goodwill, or Marshall’s as brands tend to be high but the prices low.

1. The Go-To


You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black pants, white shirt, cute blazer, and pointed toe heels. If you opt for trouser pants instead of ankle pants, make sure the leg almost hits the floor and has a break where the ankle is. It’s important you look polished and professional, so pay attention to accessories like your bag and shoes.

2. The Classic


Nothing says professional more than an elegant black pencil skirt and pointed toe shoes. Make absolutely sure the skirt hits your knees or longer. While this is a professional length, it’s also incredibly flattering on every body type. Because pencil skirts are fitted, pair with a loose, more conservative top to balance it out. As with any outfit, make sure your accessories compliment the outfit, not distract from it.

3. The Simple Chic


A sheath dress, especially in a dark neutral like black or navy, is universally flattering and professional. The clean lines pair nicely with a fun blazer or a cardigan while the knee-length and high neckline keep it professional.

4. The Girly Chic


It’s hard to go wrong with a cute midi skirt. The length is professional while the flounce and pattern or color add some character. These pair nicely with fitted sweaters, blouses, and button downs. Be sure to keep your shoes closed-toe and the top conservative for an interview.

5. The Tomboy Chic


This is a perfect interview outfit for staying true to your tomboy side. Experiment with flat shoes and blazers for a masculine chic look. If you like the look and want a little more flair, have fun with accessories.