Friday Fright Night: Hush

I watched this a couple weekends ago and it is edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. Plus, it’s on Netflix. It’s not necessarily scary, but given the premise, it’s definitely unsettling.


Having the victim be deaf and mute certainly keeps things tense, but the characters are actually really well-written. In general, this is a horror movie where they’re smart, so you won’t be yelling at the screen, “Why would you go in there?!”. If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy Don’t Breathe (might).

Friday Fright Night: V/H/S

As a fan of Netflix and horror movies, I understand finding a good one to watch for free is tough. I’ve watched a lot of good, bad, and funny horror flicks via streaming, despite trying to be relatively picky. I get terrified rather easily, so if you’re not someone who does, V/H/S might not be for you.

This collection of six found-footage shorts (equaling to just under two hours) offers a wide range of story-lines that will appeal to most horror fans. While the weak ones are short, the great ones are memorable. Skip the sequels if you can to avoid ruining the whole series.

5 Shows to Cure Boredom This Weekend

While some of these shows seem pretty obvious, there are still people who haven’t seen them. I refuse to put Game of Thrones on this list because you should already be watching it.

1. The Office

beyonce animated GIF

The level of heart this show has paired with the utter ridiculousness makes it constantly re-watchable. Push through the first season and you’ll be golden.

2. Bates Motel and Black Mirror

i think people who are different don't know they're different cause they have nothing to compare it to

I put these together because Black Mirror doesn’t have many episodes, but the quality is through the roof and will make you think (push through the first episode). Bates Motel (a prequel show to Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho) only has three seasons, so you can move through it fairly fast. The twistedness is worth it, I promise.

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3. How to Get Away With MurderABC Network animated GIF

Viola Davis absolutely kills (no pun intended) in this. Her boss biznitchness is out of this world, plus the show is fun and fraught with turns.

4. Orange is the New BlackYosub Kim, Content Strategy Director animated GIF

I know a few people who don’t like this one, although I’m not sure why. It’s funny and smart and emotional. You’ll have characters you despise and ones you’ll adore. Just do it already.

5. Mr. Robot

mr robot animated GIF

Honestly can’t say enough about this show other than how much it deserves the recognition it’s been receiving.