Runway Trend: Velvet

A fabric of the Renaissance is making an appearance, in all its glory. The biggest trend for Fall 2016 is velvet EVERYTHING. The thicker fabric is perfect for fall and immediately lends some glamour or edge to your outfit.

Fall 2016 Haute Couture - Rani Zakhem      Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture Fashion Show - Vlada Chokhar:       Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture:

Be it stunning gowns showing enough skin to modernize the time-old fabric or slightly more conservative cuts embellished to the nines, velvet can be worn any way you please. Glam it up, punk it up, plunge the neckline, raise the neckline, bring back the Renaissance, or bring back the 70’s.

Dolce and Gabbana fall 2016 alta moda- couture:       Tony Ward Fall 2016 Couture:       Fendi Fall 2016 Couture:

It’s easy to combine with the 70’s trend continuing from summer (who DOESN’T love the 70’s?), add as an accessory, or finish your look using it as outerwear. When it comes to this trend, the world is your velvety oyster.

Jenny Packham, Fall 2016 - You Have to See These Fall '16 Runway Shoes - Photos:       Valentino Fall 2016 Couture Accessories Photos - Vogue:       Armani Privé Couture Fall 2016


Nighttime Make-Up Musts

1. Eyeliner

Double-tap if you would try this gorgeous eye look by @vanyxvanja! She used our Medium Brow Powder Duo to define her brows. // #sigmabeauty:

A bold eye liner stands out in dim lighting and makes any eye pop. Make sure to get one that stays on for those crazy nights of dancing!

2. Bold Lip

Mara ❤️:

Like the eyeliner, a bold lip (berry is trendy and red is classic) gives your face color and stands out in the nighttime scene. Pat loose powder into the color to minimize lip marks on drink glasses.

3. Navy Eye Shadow

Navy Times Nine - MAC eye shadow palette:

I like to keep my make-up to a minimum and rarely use eye shadow. But when I want to feel extra pulled together for a night out, I turn to navy eye shadow. It’s dark, blending well with eyeliner, but the gray undertones are subtle and perfect for a smoky eye effect.

4. Shimmer

Spring Makeup Idea: Super-Coral Cheeks    Blush is usually meant to be barely seen, but we actually noticed the rich cheek color at Dolce & Gabbana—in a good way. To get that glow, dust on a coral shade like Dolce & Gabbana Luminous Cheek Color in Rosebud ($45, Start from the hollows of the cheeks; move up to the temples. Sport the look with pinky-nude lip gloss and mascara. The result: so romantic.:

There are various products for this must, from lip gloss to eyelashes. Keep it classy with highlighter, blush, or eye shadow. Too much of something CAN be a bad thing, and in the case of anything glittery on your face, this can err on the side of tacky. Apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, nose, and jaw bone to reflect light. Apply a slightly shimmery blush to your cheeks for subtlety (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is amazing). Keep glittery eye shadows to a neutral palette and the effect will be entrancing.

Top 6 Nail Polish Colors for Summer

This summer is full of awesome color trends, be they light or bright. Spruce up your style with a simple accessory: nail color.

  1. Gold


Game of Chromes by Sally Hansen                               Creme Brulee by Revlon

Gold works for every season, day or night, dressy or casual. It’s probably my favorite nail color of all time. I’m not a huge nail polish person and typically don’t like to draw attention to my toes. Gold is perfect for being hardly there at first glance but adding a little something extra if you also don’t want them plain.

The Revlon creme Brulee lasts a long time and is a true shimmery gold. The Sally Hanson Game of Chromes lasts forever (seriously – countless heels, sandals, gym shoes, going to the gym, commuting, etc. and it stays on) and, in certain light, looks more silver than gold.

2. Blush

                               essie liebt sanfte nude farben mit rosé Stich im sich ankündigen Herbst - dazu passend unseren Shade of the Month ballet slippers! Mehr von uns findet ihr auf:

Let Me Bayou a Drink by OPI                                         Ballet Slippers by ESSIE

Blush is the biggest color of the season. Like the gold, it’s hardly there but still adds a little color without being overt. I love blush as it’s soft, offers a touch of sweetness, and transitions between my various outfits.

The OPI Let Me Bayou a Drink is definitely on the paler side of pale pink, but is still pretty perfect. ESSIE’s Ballet Slippers is (I think) the perfect blush. The pink is pale and very soft, but you still know it’s pink.

3. Blue

OPI Sailing & Nailing 1:                            Nothing makes us happier than a sugar sweet atlantic blue 'saltwater happy' mani.:

Sailing and Nailing by OPI                                              Saltwater Happy by ESSIE

The blue’s on trend for summer are a ton of fun: pale sky blue and periwinkle. Both of these hues are beyond cute and look good with everything.

Sailing and Nailing by OPI is a soft shade that lends a freshness to any outfit, without seeming old (like an Easter pastel made cool). I’m loving the periwinkle (Saltwater Happy) the best. The undertones of purple create an extra dimension and go well with every skin tone and nail, manicured or not.

4. Coral

                                   Peach Side Babe Essie Summer 2015 for review of entire collection:

Jolly Good by butter London                                         Peach Side Babe by ESSIE

Coral is flawless any season and any decade. There are varying shades of coral, but the medium and the lighter versions are on trend for this summer.

butter London has a fabulous version well worth every cent. The coral is rich and lasts forever. ESSIE’s Peach Side Babe is a nicer, lighter version with undertones that are more pink than orange.

5. Berry

You can't go wrong with this bright ruby berry -- 'berried treasures' from the essie Summer 2016 collection.                                     
Berried Treasures by ESSIE                                             Don’t Provoke the Plum by OPI

Berry is a classic color with a myriad of hues. It’s timeless, working well throughout the seasons. Plus, because of the different options (purples, pinks, AND reds), you’ll never get bored.

For a pinker berry, Berried Treasure by ESSIE is a good go-to. It’s deep but still bright, bringing a more sophisticated pop to a summer outfit. On the flip side, OPI’s Don’t Provoke the Plum is a fantastic spin on a purple berry hue. The brightness makes it a classic summer go-to while the purple shade is one of a kind.

6. Green

                                   Chanel Le Vernis #536 Emeraude / Chanel Dans La Lumiere de L’Ete Summer 2016 Makeup ***:
Keppel by Jin Soon                                                           Emeraude by Chanel

I love green, but despite being considered a neutral color, finding the right hue is always hit-and-miss. The summer top picks this year range from seafoam green to deep emeralds. Which means there’s something for everyone!

Jin Soon’s Keppel is the perfect step-up from last year’s mint green trend. The seafoam green is fun and flirty and pairs well with any personality type. The Emeraude from Chanel is green perfection. The slight shimmer fits in perfectly with modern times while the deep hue keeps it classic.

The Must-Have Eyeliner of Your Life

Guys…. I found it.

The perfect eyeliner.

Does not rub off during the day, black as ebony, and liquid. And perfect.

Okay, so maybe the tip’s a little thicker than I would like. And maybe it *does* help to outline with an older eyeliner with a thinner tip. But filling in with Maybelline’s Stiletto liquid eyeliner is super easy and it lasts. It lasts all day. Through work, gym sweat, and a sunny, humid 96 °F day.

I have been searching since I was about 15 for a liquid liner that would last throughout my busy days (sometimes my days would go 6am-2am with school and three different jobs). I’ve tried L’Oreal, Cover Girl, other Maybelline lines. Revlon, MAC, and Bobbi Brown. But on a whim I bought this and it’s worth every cent and I want everyone to know how awesome it is so it never gets discontinued. It goes on smooth, fills in evenly, is pitch black but not overwhelming, and it will stay on all day.

3 Basic Summer Work Outfits

  1. 1. The Shift

This is outfit is beyond perfect – a shift dress is loose, so it allows the body to breathe in those awfully hot summer months. Complete the outfit with a statement shoe, piece of jewelry, or cute bag and you’ll be good to go.


2. The A-Line Skirt

A-lines are virtually flattering on everyone. They hit the smallest part of the leg (above the knee) and tend to be a bit high-waisted, which it’s the smallest part of the leg. Plus, the flow of the line allows room for any wider hips. Pair an a-line with a more fitted blouse and add a pop of color.


3. The Loose Tank

This is guaranteed to be a go-to, no matter the season. Straight legged jeans are comfortable, flattering, and can be dressed up or down. If they’re not already a part of closet, start now. Given the slimmer fit through the hips and thighs, these jeans go perfect with a loose blouse. Wear with cute shoes (close-toed for work!) and some statement accessories.


4 Must-Have Work Pieces

These flawless pieces will get you through any work interview, event, lunch, or meeting. Since these are workhorse pieces, it’s worth splurging a little for quantity.

1. Black Ankle Pants


These are my favorite article of clothing in existence (beside my black skinny jeans). Black ankle pants are chic, slimming, and can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn mine with flats and heels, jackets and sweaters, tanks and turtlenecks. I’ve worn them to work and on dates. For starters, I found my first pair at my local Salvation Army, then moved to Gap, and now Ann Taylor (which are the best). You can have the leg be more tapered (skinny) or less tapered (cropped). Either way, make sure they are flattering and comfortable.

2. Pointed Toe Shoes

2670244-5-MULTIVIEW     342100_001_ss_01

Like the pants, these are probably my favorite pair of shoes in existence. I love heels, and these ones are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. The D’Orsay style (that inner cut-out) is chic and adds a little something to a classic pointed toe. The flats are a nice alternative if you live in a metropolitan area, like New York City. Pointed toe shoes go fabulously with all sorts of outfits and will always be work appropriate. Make sure you have a little toe cleavage as that keeps the shoe (and your foot!) looking more youthful than matronly.

3. Fitted Blazer/Tuxedo Jacket


A fitted blazer or tuxedo jacket is an absolute must. These automatically dress up any pant (jeans included), skirt, or dress and is incredibly flattering. The fitted structure highlights your waist and adds a level of class to any outfit. I found my fitted tuxedo jacket at Target about six years ago and it’s held up wonderfully, but it’s worth finding a higher quality option as it can be in your closet for years.

4. Black Structured Tote


When work involves travel, it’s hard to have a bag that’s both functional and stylish. Slouchy totes are cute, but everything falls to the bottom. A structured tote is a perfect option as it’s size still holds everything, but the flat bottom allows it to stand upright on any surface and the square or rectangle shape keeps papers in order. After going through a million cheaper options where the handles broke and the lining ripped, I received a top-of-the-line Dooney & Bourke tote as a present. It’s on the expensive side, but I know I’ll never need another bag. It’s long shoulder handles make it the perfect length while the size holds my computer and all my little day to day items. It’s a timeless style and goes with everything, and tying a small silky scarf to the handle will ad a pop of color. I recommend this bag for every professional, no matter your age.

5 Foolproof Interview Outfits

Today’s work environment tends to be casual dress, but you never want to go for an interview dressed as such. First impressions really do make a difference, so put your best foot forward and treat your interview like it’s with the CEO of McCann Advertising. Remember to look at your local thrift store, goodwill, or Marshall’s as brands tend to be high but the prices low.

1. The Go-To


You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black pants, white shirt, cute blazer, and pointed toe heels. If you opt for trouser pants instead of ankle pants, make sure the leg almost hits the floor and has a break where the ankle is. It’s important you look polished and professional, so pay attention to accessories like your bag and shoes.

2. The Classic


Nothing says professional more than an elegant black pencil skirt and pointed toe shoes. Make absolutely sure the skirt hits your knees or longer. While this is a professional length, it’s also incredibly flattering on every body type. Because pencil skirts are fitted, pair with a loose, more conservative top to balance it out. As with any outfit, make sure your accessories compliment the outfit, not distract from it.

3. The Simple Chic


A sheath dress, especially in a dark neutral like black or navy, is universally flattering and professional. The clean lines pair nicely with a fun blazer or a cardigan while the knee-length and high neckline keep it professional.

4. The Girly Chic


It’s hard to go wrong with a cute midi skirt. The length is professional while the flounce and pattern or color add some character. These pair nicely with fitted sweaters, blouses, and button downs. Be sure to keep your shoes closed-toe and the top conservative for an interview.

5. The Tomboy Chic


This is a perfect interview outfit for staying true to your tomboy side. Experiment with flat shoes and blazers for a masculine chic look. If you like the look and want a little more flair, have fun with accessories.